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God shows his love for us by placing people in our lives. My sophomore year of high school I met Megan. Megan and I quickly became good friends. Every day after lunch we would walk to class together and talk. Somewhere during this time, Megan became interested in the gospel and the nature of our conversations shifted. One my most cherished memories from high school and my teenage years is answering her questions about the church. It was there that I learned that sharing the gospel can be easy, natural, and fun! Megan was soon baptized and summer came. 

We both decided to go to EFY in San Antonio. Another highlight of my life happened that Thursday at testimony meeting. Megan, who was situated at the opposite end of my row, quickly got up and bore her testimony. While listening to the testimonies of those that followed her, I received a note asking me to bear my testimony. I immediately looked at Megan and shook my head. She mouthed the word “please” and I shook my head again. A few minutes later Megan stood up and bore her testimony again. After she sat down, I once again received a note asking me to bear my testimony. I looked her in the eyes and shook my head. I was not going to stand up in front of all of these people! As the testimony meeting was winding down, I saw Megan stand up yet again. I groaned inwardly, feeling a little guilt. At the end of her 3rd testimony Megan said, “I have a friend from Vidor. He is very important to me. I would love to hear his testimony.” And then she and everyone else, looked directly at me. I let out a sigh and got up and bore my testimony. 

I learned 2 things from that testimony. First, I love the plan of salvation. The opportunity it gives me to be with my family forever, especially my 2 deceased sisters and my Grandma Ross, forever is truly sacred to me. Secondly, I am comfortable standing up in front of people, even if I cry! And trust me, I remember crying a lot during that EFY testimony. 

Because of these few months of experience and friendship I had with Megan, she carved out a place in my heart. I’m grateful that God put us into each other’s life even though it was only for short while.

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  • Tricia Ross

    I’ve only had a small handful of experiences with Megan but this is such a beautiful testimony and experience you had. Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiration to me and I love you so much!

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