Spiritual Thoughts

Little things

God loves us so he places people into our lives. My life after my mission was hard. I was home 18 months early and not honorably. I was filled with feelings of shame and guilt. I couldn’t face the world, especially, a world filled with people who had watched me grow up. There were only a few people during this hard time in my life that seemed to know instinctively how to respond perfectly.  They added a bit of light back into my life.

One of these was my friend Sarah. When she saw me there was no confusion in her eyes, no look of surprise crossed her face, she just excitedly yelled, “Sam! It’s so good to see you!” and then ran up and hugged me. Then she went on her way. That was the first time I felt loved after my mission. I can still feel that love today. It has been a “endless” source of comfort in my life. I love this memory.

We truly can carry God’s love to those around us. We can be his instrument in the lives of others as Sarah was in mine. Do not turn away from opportunities to love. While we can never be sure what others are going through, we can, with certainty, know that “we can always afford to be kind.”

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