Spiritual Thoughts


God shows his love for us by teaching us. On my mission I had the privilege of teaching pleasant 9-year-old boy. His family was less active in the church and each time we visited we could hear his parents fighting somewhere in the house. This boy, I’ll call him Joe, was earnest and had a real desire to learn the gospel. As we began teaching him the first lesson, I felt impressed to share something with Joe that I had never heard nor taught before. I told him that part of the reason that Heavenly Father wants us to come to earth and gain a body so badly, is so that he can have a more full and complete parental relationship with us. He WANTS to hug us. He WANTS to hold us when we need comfort. He WANTS to hold our hands and walk with us. He WANTS to have all of the sacred, fun, exciting, physical aspects of being our parent. We wanted that too. That is part of the reason we agreed to come to this earth. So that we could return to God again, but this time physically hug him. God loves his children perfectly. He teaches his children perfectly. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and I can not wait to hug him.


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