Spiritual Thoughts


I sit in darkness self created, 

By thoughtless, selfish actions 

Exposed to things to make one cringe

And shake in strong reaction 

Brought on by choices bad in nature

I wallow in my shame 

And walk a lonely path I’ve blazed

Where only silence sings my name 

Then from a distance I see a light

Peaceful and serene 

My hopeful heart begs the question

What is this light I’ve seen? 

I slowly turn, begin to walk 

Towards the brightness I beheld

I long to feel the warmth and strength

Of the light that burns so well 

I turn to walk, but soon I see 

The path is dark and dreary 

The hope that burned inside of me

Leaves as I turn weary 

A silent prayer, I pray in hope 

That pity will be found 

On a heart where prayer is foreign tongue

Except when hope is bound 

Then on my shoulder I do feel 

A hand so strong and sure 

Then turn to see a smiling face 

With peace and love so pure 

He looks at me with strength and love

It strengthens my own being 

A question tugs inside my mind

Who is this man I’m seeing? 

And as he leads me down the path

That once seemed so foreboding

The darkness leaves and light abounds

From the man whose hand I’m holding 

Not a word is said but still I find

His touch has healed my sore

And then I look and realize 

I’ve seen this face before 

We carry on in peaceful silence

As my mind begins racing 

My heart beats quickly as we go

In time with my foot’s pacing 

And to the light we finally come

Only branches block the path

And with his strong and loving hands

He slowly pulls them back 

And as I look, I do behold 

There are others in this place

With loving arms they welcome me

A smile on every face 

Some I know, some I do not 

But still their hearts extend 

I know I’m home where I should be

Here amongst my friends 

And as I sit, I realize 

I had not thanked the man 

I turn to him and as I do 

I see the nail prints in His hands 

A woman leans and says to me

As in awe I stand 

You’ve been rescued by the Hands

Of the Great I Am.

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