Spiritual Thoughts

Stake Conference Aug 14-15 2021

Some “spiritual thoughts” from Stake Conference – August 14-15 2021

Christ’s love and atonement are both infinite and intimate.

Covenants protect us and lead us home.

Obedience is hard. It can hurt. It can feel pointless. But the atonement makes all things right and any price we pay through our obedience will be worth it. Obedience does not provide ease; it saves and exalts.

Testify of Christ. Testify with your voice. Testify with your life. Testify with your love.

Aligning our will with God’s will is one of the greatest endeavors of life and eternity.

Kindness IS cool.

At the heart of misery, you will find the love of wrong things.

Some inspired questions that came as I listened.

How do I impact other people’s journeys to Christ?

What adjectives describe how I treat other people?

Do I make people feel loved and welcome?

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